Repeater Info (147.165+) CTCSS Tone 127.3Hz

The Milwaukee 147.165 (+) offset repeater is located 525 feet above Milwaukee Wisconsin. All users are welcome. All equipment in the repeater system is of commercial quality. To improve coverage, the repeater has a system of remote receiver antenna sites in the area.

The system is currently being rebuilt in order to keep serving our needs in the future. Phase one of the system upgrade has been completed. The new hub was placed into operation on November 10, 2002, previous to that the Vilet site was upgraded, and after that date additional programming to the controller was done. A frequency change to 147.165 (+) offset occurred on March 6th  2005.Our ARES / RACES group had used the frequency of 146.67 since 1967 we moved to have the benefits of a clearer frequency.

More work will continue to occur with additional controller programming to be the most noticeable.

To help stations that cross-band the repeater system only encodes tone while there is a active receiver.

There are site IDs that are sent when stations un-key. the site that is most voted is sent in MCW. Currently they are E, D, and V  E is the East Side, D is Downtown, and V is Vilet. Other sites when added will get their own ID. The site IDs are sent after a station un-keys and during that time is normally not tone encoded, so in order to hear the ID you must be listening with your tone decoder turned off.

If you use a cross-band repeater to access the system please be sure that it is operating properly as there have been some instances of malfunctioning cross-band users tying up the system due to DX, or other issues affecting an individuals cross-bander.

Cross-band repeaters can be a major asset during emergencies or events but only if they are operating properly, when they malfunction they become a liability in the worst way, don’t be part of a problem.

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